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Driving Tests are conducted in the UK by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA). The Direct Gov site contains really useful information for learners and new drivers. The national average pass rate and the pass rate at the Salisbury test centre are typically in the range 45-50%. Rainbow Driver Training exceeds these pass rates.

We do not quote our pass rate because you would have no idea if we were telling the truth or not. You have no way of checking a driving school’s pass rate.

The Provisional Licence

Generally, in the UK you have to be 17 years of age to obtain a provisional licence. Although you can apply up to three months before your 17th birthday. You can apply for a provisional driving licence from the Driver and Vehicle  Licensing Agency (DVLA). The application form (form D1) can be obtained from  your local Post Office.

The Theory Test

You will need a provisional licence before you can apply for a theory test. Rainbow Driving Training will help you to prepare for the theory test. Please do not buy any books, videos, CDs or DVDs until you have spoken to us. We regularly lend pupils who are learning with us some of the items they require to prepare for the theory test.

Some people will find the theory test more daunting than others. These may be people who have not taken any type of test for a number of years. The driving school will offer specific support for you if ask.

You can book a theory test on the Direct Gov website. It can also be rearranged or cancelled.

The Practical Test

The practical test will start and finish at the Salisbury test centre. It lasts about 40 mins. It is more difficult to pass this test than it was in the past. You allowed a maximum of 15 minor faults but no serious or dangerous faults. The aim of the driving school is to prepare you for this test in a progressive but safe way. When you are approaching the standard required to pass the test your instructor will carry out  a ‘mock’ test with you. This will allow you to gauge where you are as you progress towards taking the test.

You can book a practical test on the Direct Gov website. It can also be rearranged or cancelled.

The Pass Plus Course

The Pass Plus course is a further 6 hours of instruction following a successful pass at the practical test. The cost of the extra lessons is nearly always covered by discounts offered by car insurance companies. Discounts are offered because pupils who take the Pass Plus course have fewer accidents and so make fewer claims.

Test Fees

The current test fees are shown on the Direct Government site. There is no test to pass for the Pass Plus course.